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Golden E-Books Collection (PDF)

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No. Name Year Of Publication
1. Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2020
2. Sherlock's Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System 13th Edition 2018
3. Sitaraman and Friedmans Essentials of Gastroenterology 2nd Edition 2018
4. Zakim and Boyer's Hepatology. A Textbook of Liver Disease 2017
5. Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease 10th Edition 2016
6. Yamada’s Textbook of Gastroenterology, 2 Volume Set 6th Edition (PDF) 2016
7. Yamada's Atlas of Gastroenterology 5th Edition 2016
8. Walker’s Pediatric Gastrointestinal Diseases 2018
9. Endoscopy in Liver Disease 2017
10. GERD A New Understanding of Pathology, Pathophysiology, and Treatment 2017